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National Faculty Feedback

Respected Dr Kandi Happy and privileged to be a part of NAPCON HYDERABAD, the immense dedication and hard work of the organisers translated beautifully throughout the event with packed halls even on last day and most importantly the quality of the scientific discourse was top notch. It was great learning experience sir.
Heartiest congratulations to u sir and the entire team hats off sir!

Dr. Vidya Nair

TExcellent in every way; NAPCON 2023 Hyderabad has set the benchmark for all future conferences - and not just for NAPCON. The scientific content, the invited speakers international and national, the workshops and the hospitality- all were superb.

Dr. Murali Mohan Bengaluru

Excellent NAPCON.Well organised planned and executed.Great topics.Food was awesome.Inaugural function and cultural programs were exceptional.First time saw all halls filled with delegates most of the time.
Congratulations team NAPCON 2023.Well done Vijayakumar sir and Kandi sir.

Dr. Jayaprakash Kerala

Respected Sir My greetings to you and the whole organising committee of NAPCON 23 HYDERABAD for such a grand conference on all fronts. It was a culmination of highest standard of scientific contents and wonderful hospitality. Simply incomparable. Such a huge participation of 3000 plus delegates was never seen before in NAPCON.
My special thanks to the scientific committee headed by Gulleria sir for providing opportunity to enrich our knowledge and interact with great faculties both national and international.
I am thankful for making me a part as faculty in such a prestigious meet.
The presence of Sri Sri Ravishankar and Mr Krishna Ella was an icing on the cake.
Congratulations once again to whole team.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Patna

Enjoyed the days at Hyderabad with packed scientific content ,excellent deliberations and hospitality. Kudos to Napcon Hyderabad team

Dr. Rennis Davis

A memorable event. Excellent scientific content


Napcon 2023 was an excellent conference
Scientific sessions were loaded with knowledge. They were very informative and enlightening. Majority of speakers were very eminent and doyens in their respctive fields Conference was very well organized in all the sections like food , registration, workshops ,cultural programmes etcetra
We will cherish the memories for years to come, Hearty Congratulations to the organizing committee

Dr. Shivaputrappa Harwal

It's a great amalgamation of scientific, cultural and culinary extravaganza. Kudos to the organisers for their untiring, spirited efforts.appreciation for the attendees who s trust and belief in napcon hyderabad, made this event even more scintillating!

Dr. Prem Kumar

Well organised conference A bench mark has been set

Dr. Ravindra Vijayawada

Extremely well organized with excellent scientific feast Big congratulations to the organising team

Dr.Amir Khoja

Unlike the previous Napcons,the Hyderabad Napcon has set a unique standard in terms of scientific content and meticulous organisation skills. Congratulations team Hyderabad


Very well organised NAPCON 2023 Hyderabad. Kudos to Dr.Vijaykumar sir, Subhakar sir and team

Dr. Jayaraman

Hearty congratulations to organizers of hyderabad NAPCON...
Excellent venue...lovely hospitality...incredible scientific sessions and above all excellent attendance.. Well done NAPCON Organizing team Hyderabad...truly memorable

Dr.Asmita Mehta

Dear Subhakar sir, Vijayakumar sir and entire NAPCON team, well done! Congrats on your successful event. Many, numerous congrats on your amazing execution 👌You have really set another record. Thank you so much and congratulations

Dr.Thomas Vadakkan

Kudos to the organizers of NAPCON, Hyderabad for meticulously planning and executing the events with attention to details.
1. The day to day time schedule of events which was colour coded for easy access to topics of interest.
2. The pre conference workshops were aptly worked out.
3. The conference venue was aptly chosen . The grandeur of the venue was a true tribute to the 25th silver Jubilee celebration of NAPCON
4. The inauguration ceremony breathed a fresh ethnic breath to the largest pulmonology conference.
5. The conference had so many international speakers with innovative touch to their talks.
6. The oral and poster presentations was a never-ending saga.
7. The conference kit and the refreshments were very nice.
Overall, the conference was a true tribute of being a Silver Jubilee celebration

Dr. Sangeetha

This iconic Silver Jubilee NAPCON was a great conference and a big academic feast—the first time in its history NAPCON was held in the Novotel International Convention Center(HICC).

Dr. Prasanta R Mohapatra

Heartfelt Gratitude for an Outstanding Experience at NAPCON 2023
Dear Dr. Deepak Talwar sir, Dr. Subhakar Kandi sir, Dr. Gulleria sir, Dr Vijay Kumar sir
I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible opportunity to participate in NAPCON 23 and the honor of receiving the oration award. The conference was an exceptional gathering that exceeded all expectations.
The meticulous planning and execution of the All India Chest Conference was truly commendable. I am immensely grateful for being considered for the oration award among such esteemed national and international speakers. Your recognition means a tremendous amount to me.
The diverse range of topics covered by the brilliant lineup of speakers showcased the dedication and effort put forth by the organizing team. The conference undoubtedly raised the benchmark for future events in its comprehensive coverage and the quality of discourse.
Moreover, the blend of national and international perspectives added unparalleled depth and enriched the overall experience. The diverse insights provided an unparalleled learning opportunity for all attendees.
I want to express my deepest appreciation to the entire organizing committee for their hard work and dedication, which undoubtedly contributed to the success of this remarkable conference.
Thank you once again for this enriching experience. I am truly honored to have been a part of NAPCON 23 and eagerly look forward to any future endeavors.

Dr. Vikas Oswal

The Silver Jubilee NAPCON - the 25th Joint National Conference of NCCP & ICS held in Hyderabad last weekend was truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience. As a delegate, I had the privilege of witnessing a conference that can be described as nothing short of extraordinary.
The event was a perfect blend of meticulous planning, excellent scientific design, and superb organizational skills. I do not know what I loved the most , was it Dr. Deepak Talwar's attention to detail and precision in planning or was it his signature smile & his charming personality. Was it exceptional scientific design crafted by Dr. Nagarjuna that set the stage for an intellectually stimulating or was it his plan to give me a difficult debate to perform.
Kudos to the organizational prowess of Dr. Kandi and Dr. Vijay Kumar, whose skills ensured the seamless execution of every aspect of the conference. The entire event was a testament to their dedication and commitment. It was very heartening to witness a conference recognising contribution right from students to junior chest physicians to teachers & to the mentors in the field. it was really a satisfying moment,
The icing on the cake was the presence of Guruji as the chief guest, adding another feather to the cap of success. His presence undoubtedly elevated the stature of the conference, making it even more special.
The conference drew a huge crowd, and that too, not the outstanding one, the one that chose to be inside the hall. The active participation from pharmaceutical companies added to the vibrancy of the event.
Though I had no doubts about the conference's success, witnessing it unfold and take shape surpassed all expectations, bringing tremendous pleasure. NAPCON 2023 stands as a live example that miracles do happen in the realm of medical conferences.
I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the entire organizing team and express my gratitude for creating an event that will be etched in the memories of all who attended.
I consider myself fortunate as I go to witness this conference. I must also thank the organisers for awarding me with Inspirers in Pulmonary medicine. I may not be certain if I've inspired anyone yet, I can wholeheartedly confirm that this award has done wonders in inspiring and stimulating me. I'm excited to see where this motivational journey takes me

Dr.Agam Vora

The Silver Jubilee NAPCON 23 - the 25th Joint National Conference of ICS and NCCP held in Hyderabad was truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience. I had the privilege of witnessing a conference that can be described as extraordinary.
The event was a perfect blend of meticulous planning, excellent scientific design, and superb organizational skills. Congratulations to Dr. Kandi and Dr. Vijay Kumar and entire organising team

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Dear Subhakar sir, Vijayakumar sir and entire NAPCON team, Many- Many congrats on your amazing execution and very successful NAPCON 23 once again thank you so much and congratulations

Dr. Lokender Kumar

Big congratulations to Dr Shubakar. Despite all adverse conditions pitted against you, you proved that 2023 NAPCON was a huge success in all aspects. Particularly academics was a runaway success. Congratulations to you and your team, once again.

Dr.Ramesh Chandra Sahoo